Modern Black and Red
showline GSD’s – German Champion Bloodlines, even disposition with composed confident temperaments, of great intelligence.
SV, hip and elbow certified.

V. Rio von Gebruder Grimm

  • SIRE – VA Fred Vim Rumbachthal – SCH3,KKL1
  • DAM – VA Lee vom Frankengold – SCH3,KKL1

V Ethan Vom Bestinhaus

Trials Passed – IGP1, KKL, AD
Bred In – USA
  • SIRE
    VA Fred vom Rumbacthal
  • DAM
    Amy von Kirsys
  • Hip: SV: HD Normal – Elbows: SV: Normal

Matador of Edmario

Bred In – Germany
  • SIRE – VA1 Fantom Team Ulmental
  • DAM – Margman Jazz

Bello di Valpoggio

Bred In – Italy
  • SIRE – Goran vom Bierstadter Hof
  • DAM – Ully Di Valpoggio
  • Hip: SV: HD Normal – Elbows: SV: Normal

V Iron Zum Kolbengus

Bred In – Germany
  • SIRE – VA (CH) Patrick vom Grabfeldgau
    Kkl 1
  • DAM – V Quatana zum Kolbenguß
    Kkl 1
  • Hip: SV: HD Normal – Elbows: SV: Normal

German VA Champion Sire’s, Current Bestinhaus Bloodlines

Retired GSD’s

This page honors all my GSD’s that have allowed us to be a part of their lives, touched us with their beauty, and have brought endless moments of love to us. Some are still with us and retired, others have passed on to beautiful everlasting green pastures in heaven and others have gone on to loving homes, living a life of peace and tranquility. We at Bestinhaus will never forget you, forever living in our memories and in our hearts

Health and Care

“Bred to be Champions” we want your puppy always to be well cared for and healthy. The following professionals are leaders and experts in their areas.

Cesar Morales, DVM

MOR Veterinary Center, Dade & Broward

Barbara Pérez

Progesterone, artificial insimination, ultrasound, semen preparation for shipping

Fidel Acosta

Master Trainer


Thank you for your interest in our Studs. We offer Natural, Fresh or Frozen semen to be shipped Nationally or Internationally. Contact us for more information.

“Bred to be Champions”

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